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Providing a supreme quality range of compression spring,wire ferms,torsion spring,torsion spring tley tines springs,clip & clamps etc.(with wire diameter ranging 0.2mn to 25mn)    
We manufacture springs asper yours drawings as as per yours specifications. The company started its manufacturing operation in 1968 under the name of NATH INTERNAIONAL. We are committed to deliver quality and cost effective spring products to consumers. At nath international it is always are endeavor to continuously  invest in its manufacturing facilities. Nath International are offering a wide variety of custom precision springs, wire and allied products to the clients. We are committed towards providing total customer satisfaction and there fore, we have been supplying best quality products.
Address - Industrial Area, Meerut - 250002 (UP) INDIA
Mobile No. : +91-9457449456
Email : nathsprings@gmail.com
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Break Springs Extension Springs Torsion Springs Clutch Springs Heavy Springs
We have complete range of Brake Springs for heavy trucks and trailers, mainly for the American and European market, some of them to mention are - B.P.W., DAF, FRUEHAUF, FRENELSA, ILASA, IVECO, LECINENA ....... Extension springs are typically manufactured with an initial tension Fi which presses the coils together in the free state. This fabrication method allows consistent free lengths to be produced, but since the initial tension..... Torsion springs are made from round wire of 0.1-6mm diameter and also from square and profile material. They are used in pedal mechanisms and carburetors in the automotive area and also windows and ..... Clutch Springs manely use in Clutch. We have complete range of Clutach Springs for heavy trucks and trailers, mainly for the American and European market. This springs are fit for trampoline. You can use it to assemble your trampoline. When your trampoline miss the good bounce, it means that you need new springs.
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